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A student is the future pillar of the upcoming generation. He / She should be powerful, positive, humble as well disciplined and should know to reap the ripe fruits of real education which helps the child to stand on their own legs with abandoned [Right] confidence. Even if your child is not involved / not interested in his current curriculum and if the days are filling you with real worries about your child's future - throw your tensions away and rush for admissions at your Day Boarding cum Residential School which is specialized to the core of perfection.


The following is a list of coaching centers in India preparing for the IAS exam. You can find more info about the same at our Residential public schools in India center campus.

Hyderabad - BrainTree, IAS Study Circle, IAS Academy

Chennai - Brilliant Tutorials, All India Civil Services Coaching Center, Pragnya Academy for Career Excellence (PACE), Netaji IsAS Academy, University Of Madras, Chennai

Delhi - Vajiram and Ravi IAS Study Centre, Rau's IAS Study Circle, Sociology Center, IAS Era, Delhi's IAS Study Circle, Erdkunde, Shristi Study Circle, IDP3, Career Shapers, Career Plus, Career Point, SNTPC- Sachdeva New P.T. College, Meridian Courses, UIAS (Upendra's Institute For Admin. Services), Chanakya Academy, IAS Study Forum, Interactions, Vaid's IAS. DEC (Delhi Education Centre), Gyankunj's IAS Study Circle, Ultimate IAS Study Circle, Hamdard Study Circle, Jamia Hamdard University, Bhopal Rao'S IAS Institute,

Kanpur - Utkarsh Academy

Ahmedabad - IAS Study Center, Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration

Allahabad - Career Coaching, Krishna Coaching Institute, Centre for Excellence

Lucknow - Sanchetna, Academician's IAS, Vaid's ICS

Patna - Chauhan IAS Studies Circle, East & West Academy,

Bangalore - Pre examination training center and IAS Coaching Center, Swarnavalli Institute of Administration and Management (SWAIAM), Confluence Academy For Excellence

Christ College - JSS Training Institute for Competitive Exams, Himalai IAS Center, Chandigarh IAS Coaching Center, Panjab University IAS Coaching Center,

Chandigarh - Panjab University IAS Coaching Center . More info can be obtained at our Residential public schools in India Center Camp.


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