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A student is the future pillar of the upcoming generation. He / She should be powerful, positive, humble as well disciplined and should know to reap the ripe fruits of real education which helps the child to stand on their own legs with abandoned [Right] confidence. Even if your child is not involved / not interested in his current curriculum and if the days are filling you with real worries about your child's future - throw your tensions away and rush for admissions at your Day Boarding cum Residential School which is specialized to the core of perfection.


Coimbatore is one of the major industrial city in South India and is second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are lots of Matriculation schools in Coimbatore. The city is known for its industrial hub, educational institutions, health care facilities, pleasant weather, friendly culture and hospitality (Coimbatore is called City of Hospitals and colleges). Shortly called as 'Kovai' it is an important textile-manufacturing center in India, and is also known as the 'Manchester of South India'. There are hundreds of textile mills in and around Coimbatore apart from a number of other manufacturing units. Kovai is the second largest city of Tamilnadu and one of the fastest growing cities in India. Situated at the foot hills of Nilgiris, it is known for its pleasant climate, peaceful atmosphere, cosmopolitan outlook and private enterprise. tamilnadu residential schools languages spoken are:- Tamil, English,Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and Kannada. There are very famous matriculation schools in Coimbatore.

The software and outsourcing industry in Coimbatore has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years. The major advantage of Coimbatore is its skilled knowledge pool. There are about 10 top notch engineering colleges in and around the city, which churn out more than 2000 engineers every year. As early as 1998, KG Information Systems Private Limited (KGISL) played a pioneering role in setting up the first large-scale medical transcription facility at KG Campus, Saravanampatti, 8Km from Coimbatore. Good Schools in Coimbatore In 2005, KG's MT operations was acquired by the Manila-based SPI Technologies, a world leader in online content publishing.

Coimbatore has been a major center for higher education from the early 1900s. Coimbatore has an Agricultural University, several Government and private engineering colleges, two medical colleges and a number of science and arts colleges. Top Schools in Coimbatore most famous is the P.S.G College of Technology whose annual Design Data Book is the engineering industry's bible.

Geographical facts of Kovai:
Area : 105.60 sq km
Altitude : 43.2m ASL
Languages : Tamil, English, Malayalam and Telugu
STD Code : 0422

Kovai seasons and climate
The climate of Coimbatore city is moderate and pleasant throughout the year with little temperature variation between the seasons. Summers are hot with the mercury reaching to 39°C, Boarding Schools in India dip in the summer to as low as 21°C. In winter the climate is mild with the maximum temperature hovering around 30°C and the minimum temperature rarely going below 15°C. Coimbatore being in Tamil Nadu, does not receive monsoon rains between the months of June and September that's Boarding Schools in Coimbatore why it is known as "Rain Shadow Area" during south west monsoon. However, it experiences rains in October-November, which is brought about by the retreating monsoons (north-eastern monsoon). Rush for Residential schools in Tamilnadu admissions in Coimbatore which Residential Schools in Coimbatore comprises very best boarding schools in Coimbatore.

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